SuperHero mistaken identity

I'll never forget the 12 year old who had this cake made for his birthday party. He was supposed to have a Spider-man birthday party, and had the entire house decked out in Spider-man decorations. Everything from the napkins to the plates, and they even had some special Spider-man curtains hung up on all of the windows.

So you can imagine the shock of everyone at his party when the birthday boy came out dressed in head to toe as.... you'll never guess: Batman!! lol Everybody at the party was amused and confused all at the same time. Apparently, the costume rental company had a mix-up with his reservation and gave away the last Spidey costume 15 minutes before the birthday boy arrived to pick up his outfit.

...But the show must go on!! So he arrived in his Batman costume, everybody had a good laugh, and the party went on as scheduled. The best part of the whole event: You guessed it, the delicious cake that looked like it was straight out of Metropolis, with a rich, decadent creamy vanilla base and a sweet cream icing. And to complete the cake, Spidey himself sits atop his perch, looking out for the bad guys. Another happy ending!!


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